General Manager & Client Service Director, Partners VMLY&R

Andrea Hadjivasiliou

Andrea Hadjivasiliou has been in the field of advertising for 14 years. Today she holds the title of General Manager at Partners VMLY&R. She has worked on a multifaceted client profile and has acquired the knowledge & knowhow of a number of industries, all different in their scope of work. Her strong asset is her ability to break down a challenge and develop the strategic path that will direct the client closer to the road of performance and inevitably, drive him towards the road of success. As a business mind, Andrea focuses on creating channels for communicating the unique selling proposition of Partners VMLY&R and portraying the unconventional nature & character of the company’ s product offering. Before acquiring this role and joining the advertising industry, Andrea has worked on the client side in two major companies of the Retail sector. This has enabled her to broaden her spectrum and provided her with an understanding of both sides.

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