Thursday, March 23, 2023

Technopolis City of Athens
Gasholder 1 – Auditorium “Miltiadis Evert”

Redefining leadership for a better world of work

In a rapidly changing world, leaders, organizations, and workforces are adjusting to shape a new world of work.

Join us to reinvent the new workplace ethos and culture for 2023 and beyond!



The Future of Work Conference aims to offer a holistic approach to the current trends that shape the new world of work:

Current crises require action to be taken. Inflation and another recession are changing priorities for employees and businesses.

  • Remote and Hybrid. How does energy crisis and inflation impact decision makers? How can business optimize remote and hybrid?
  • Employee benefits are changing under the circumstances. Is personalization a better fit now?

Leading employers and a humancentric approach.

  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Work life balance and flexibility
  • Wellness and Mental Health

Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, and automation will transform all aspects of work.

  • How will the investments in new technologies affect the workplace and workforces?
  • What will the next day look like?

Mega trends, game changers and new phenomena.

  • Gen Z is entering the workplace. Are they the Game Changers?
  • Is silent resignation a new phenomenon?
  • Reskilling and upskilling and career mobility
  • Talent shortage and new strategies to engage and retain talent
  • Biases to be broken in the new workplace. Diversity and Inclusion
  • The workplace of the future

The Conference


The Future of Work Conference will focus on:

  • On Leaders who are asked to turn adversity into opportunity
  • On Organizations that are now fast changing and creating the new culture for the new workplace
  • On People and Workforces who need to know how to keep balance, prioritize mental health and wellbeing, upgrade skills, and stay goal oriented

A must attend conference experience on the Future of Work

Key Takeaways

  • Get inspired by leaders and forward thinkers shaping the Future of Work
  • Get useful insights from experts and professionals from global organizations
  • Learn from real world case studies and recent research results
  • Get connected with exceptional executives and academics from HR, Technology, Phycology and Education
  • Interact with the speakers and stay connected to the fast-changing community of Work


Who will you meet?

CEOs • HR Directors • HR Managers and professionals • Heads of People and Culture • Entrepreneurs • HR Business Partners • Talent Managers • Training and development managers • Organizational Behavior experts • Digital Transformation and Tech experts

Conference agenda includes talks, presentations, discussion panels and interactive sessions

  • Global leaders shaping the future of work
  • International Experts on HR, Leadership, Business Management, Technology, Phycology, Education
  • University Professors and Researchers
  • Distinguished executives, Experts and Professionals

Governmental and Institutional Representatives

Meet the

Keynote Speakers

Institutional Representatives

Panel Discussion

FoW leaders

Remarkable Initiatives Representatives


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