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Petros Mihos

Petros has worked in HR Consulting and Line management for more than 25 years. He was part of the team that started Response Management Consultants, before moving to their partner, Thomas International in London. He then joined Penna Plc, as a consultant in Executive Search, working with technology organisations, in the UK and Continental Europe.

After 6 years in London, he joined ICAP Group in Athens, as Head of Executive Search services, growing their business 10-fold in the 6 years with them, and managing their Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria teams in the process. Deloitte approached him to lead their Greek Executive Search efforts, before promoting him to manage Human Capital Consulting. He had a 7 ½ fantastic years, before curiosity took him to the other side of the fence. He joined PraxiaBank, now part of Viva, as their Chief People Officer. Petros grew PraxiaBank’s population 5-fold, before realising that his heart was always in Executive Search, founding Searchlight.

He supports AEK FC, despite the mockery; and Bayern Munich, despite the resentment. He enjoys a good game of cricket. He prefers British English over American, reads avidly crime and science fiction novels, and cooks a mean carbonara and butter chicken korma.

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